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Oh what a night!

Last November a very sweet Gentleman took me to see a Frankie Valli show and it was so much fun.

It was the first concert I’ve ever been to where people sat most of the time, but to be fair the median age of the audience is dead. 🥁

I was dancing obviously.rankie is that’s ok you’re probably like me and didn’t grow up in the ’60s. And if you do know who he is then yes he is still alive and touring at 85 years young.

The gentleman that booked me for this date was hesitant to bring me because he thought the music and the crowd were too dated for my taste.

Boy was he wrong!

I had a blast with great music and a lovely friend. I find it so endearing when suitors invite me to partake in there favorite - it is the perfect way to share something you enjoy with someone you're starting to get close to.

So, my dear, if there’s an experience you enjoy don’t hesitate to reach out and plan some fun with your favorite companion

I was dancing obviouly.

XOXO Simone 💋

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