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You're here. Great! Let's get acquainted. I am Serena, welcome to my world. I grew up on the sunny beaches of South Florida, went to university for political science, and moved to Houston for a change of scenery.


Standing at 5'8, I like to keep my body lean and toned with a mix of Ashtanga yoga and HIIT. My golden caramel complexion is smooth, supple, and free of tattoos. I have an open mind and I love to experiment with new adventures. I am an indulgent swirl of sophisticated elegance and Exotic charm. My friends and suitors describe me as a down to earth companion with a positive outlook. I’m all about warm intimacy and living in the moment.


I practice mindfulness every day by being present especially when I'm with you because I strive for authentic encounters. As your affectionate little minx, I get the most satisfaction when I know I have provided you with an experience you replay in your mind over and over again.


I was drawn to this world as a way to share my natural gift for sensual play and to embrace my sexuality. I enjoy meeting new people and creating meaningful connections. I love indulging in life’s simple pleasures like fine-dining, travel, and a lifestyle unencumbered by limiting beliefs. Interested? Let's talk about our passions over a glass of wine.

Serena Webster

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