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YAY! My first blog I'm so excited. So what's new? I'll tell you what I've been up to. First...

I broke my phone

Yes a tragedy we can both relate to. I was searching for an apartment when a cyclist clipped me while I was walking and launched my phone 20 feet in to the street. At first I thought everything was fine because I always use protection, 😜 but then I noticed the screen protector had met its match, and the damage was severe. So, off I went to secure a replacement. Luckily I had insurance and everything was backed up YES 🙌🏾 So I haven't lost your number or your email.

In other news,

I got a cat

Isn't she precious?! Her name is Delaney and she loves bacon 🥓 , napping, and scratchies.

- Simone 👄

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